Visual Artist Douglas Miles Recaps His Experience at Many Rivers to Cross Festival

I'm proud to have played a role in bringing about social change through art with fellow artists and friends. In this "behind the scenes" look at our work in this 8 minute film you'll follow us as we begin our weekend of painting at the
Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta that kicks off the MRTC festival as Atlanta proclaims HARRY BELAFONTE Day. View the power of art at the inaugural Many Rivers To Cross Festival presented by HARRY BELAFONTE and which is now being called a SOCIAL JUSTICE "Woodstock."

The Legacy of HARRY BELAFONTE is extremely important to preserve and champion. His work with MLK and the Civil Rights Movement helped create a new era in America. He encouraged celebrity culture to embrace their fame as platforms for social change. He is still doing this today. SANKOFA is not only ahead of the curve, they ARE the curve. They helped bring to light human rights abuses in December 2015 in New Orleans partnering with Amnesty International and Usher at the Art 4 Rights letter writing campaign for human rights. This later resulted in the release of political prisoner Albert Woodfox from Angola State Prison.

Brandan Odums @bmike2c
Sophia Dawson. @iamwetpaint
Kristy Sandoval. @ksandoval
Sydney G. James. @sydneygjames
Dwayne Wright. @dubelyoo
Douglas Miles. @dmiles1_apache

worked tirelessly in new works addressing
mass incarceration, community pride
and the need for social justice fighters

Thank YOU: Marvin Bing with Art For Amnesty (International) who keeps us creative moving and supported.

Raoul Roach & Gina BELAFONTE whose singular creative vision allowed us to work alongside the efforts of many other socially conscious artists heralding a new movement in art & music.

And we thank HARRY BELAFONTE for his constant vigilance, encouragement and truth telling pushing a new generation forward in social
responsibility to our own nation and communities.

Directed by Douglas Miles,
San Carlos Apache Artist
All text and images ©
Douglas Miles
additional photos
Bmike, MBing & KSandoval