Freddie Gray's Life Mattered

The acquittal of yet another officer responsible fo Freddie Gray's death is an egregious miscarriage of justice, and demonstrates that merica's legal systems are not designed to protect or serve Black and Brown people. It is unconscionable that neither officer Goodson nor Officer Nero are being held accountable for murdering an innocent, unarmed man.

As a society we cannot allow law enforcement t eep killing our brothers and sisters, and violating he civil and human rights of entire communities.

If we are going to root out America's culture of violence, our leaders must also be vigilant in tackling the systems and institutions that perpetuate this violence by failing to stop rampant police brutality and abuse. Despite the message sent by these verdicts, we remain hopeful that some modicum of justice will be found in the trials of the remaining officers.

Freddie Gray 's life, and l those lost to police violence, atters, and we will eep fighn for the justice they and their families deserve.