The Center For Popular Democracy's People's Convention Hits Pittsburgh July 8th And 9th

This July, – the Center for Popular Democracy’s (CPD) network of powerful state-based organizations – are taking major steps to advance a radical economic agenda. The goal of the People’s Convention is to unite thousands of delegates from all over the country to build the power and momentum needed to fight back, and to win. At CPD’s first national People’s Convention, movement leaders will convene to learn, strategize, and drive a shared organizing agenda to light an urgent, national fire on issues of justice, forcing action at the scale and at the rate truly needed to address the crises we face.

Strategically held in the days leading up to the Republican and Democratic national conventions on July 8 – 9, 2016, the People’s Convention will bring together national progressive leaders, community members, and seasoned organizers driving many of the most bold, innovative, and transformative social change initiatives in the country.

The convention will be grounded in the participation of CPD’s nearly 50 state-based community organizations, with thorough engagement from a wide array of national partners and allies. In addition, CPD and allies will concurrently hold, in Pittsburgh, the fifth annual national convening of Local Progress, the nearly 500-member national network of progressive municipal elected officials. This will be a tremendous opportunity for powerbuilding among not only the nation’s leading organizing groups, but with elected officials from across the country, as well – a potent combination.