Insight: Our Daughter’s Speak

The audience was riveted by poignant personal stories told by Linda Powell (Colin Powell’s daughter), Gina Belafonte (Harry Belafonte’s daughter), Hasna Muhammad and Nora Day (daughters of Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis), Suzanne Kay (daughter of Diahann Carroll) and Sade Lythcott (daughter of Dr. Barbara Ann Teer). With much humor and warmth, some of the women spoke of being inspired to activism by their parent’s lives. Others highlighted sacrifices that were made. Mr. Harry Belafonte who was in the audience talked about his one-time criticism of Colin Powell and said he’d attended the event, in part, to hear what Linda Powell had to say and that he was deeply moved.

The event at the NBT was transformative for all involved. Hasna Muhammad and Nora Day's talks were funny and personal about their mother Ruby Dee and issues of aging. Suzanne Kay touched on the feeling of losing her mother Diahann Carroll to her career and gender equality. Gina Belafonte spoke about the inspiration she felt growing up and watching both of her activist parents. Sade Lythcott, whose mother was the founder of the National Black Theater, shared a powerful story about searching for her “life’s mission” and finding it the day she learned her mother had died. And Linda Powell talked about moving around often with her family to stateside military bases and the pride she felt later in life when her father became the first African American to serve as Secretary of State in 2001. The event ended with questions from the audience and is part of a longer series INSIGHT / SECOND SIGHT. For more information, contact