Dear Reader, 

You don’t send a SWAT team to someone who is having a heart attack. So why would you send them to someone having a mental health crisis?

OverCriminalized, our new 3 part series done in partnership with the ACLU and The Nation, investigates the criminal justice system's obsession with imprisoning people with mental health and substance abuse issues and those suffering from homelessness. 

Most importantly, it presents us with ways to solve the problem, save lives, and save YOU money. 

If you are pissed off about how we are throwing people's lives away and wasting your tax dollars, forward this video to your local elected representatives and television and radio stations today. 

The investigation is done. The solutions are clear. Now it's your turn to step up. Change begins one voice at a time. Make it begin with yours. Now. 

Thank you for your action – we cannot make an impact without it. 

Robert Greenwald, President
Brave New Films

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