We've Never Been More Ready For This Moment #GIVINGTUESDAY

Sankofa.org is proud to participate in this year's #GIVINGTUESDAY, a global day of generosity and gratitude in support of groups, organizations and causes that are helping create a more fair and just society for all people.

Since launching in 2013, Sankofa.org has been committed to enlisting today's most influential voices to elevate the call for racial and social justice in America. We do this by collaborating with artists and grassroots organizations to produce, market and promote music, art, and events that spotlight urgent issues; through strategic communications and creative content that shift the narrative around these issues; and by raising funds to strengthen our organizational capacity, as well as that of our grassroots partners so that they can continue to drive this critical work forward and impact change in their communities.

Now -- especially in this present national moment -- we will need your support more than ever.

Will you make a contribution of $5, $10, $25 or more to Sankofa.org today?

Click here to make a tax-deductable donation through our website. You can also donate with your mobile by texting SANKOFA ($5), PEACE ($10) or UNITY ($25) to the number 80100.

We know that you have likely received similar messages like ours, and we truly appreciate your time and consideration amidst all of the giving options before you today. The reality is that this work cannot and will not continue without the involvement and mobilization of bold and courageous individuals like you. As a valued member of the Sankofa.org community, your generosity will go far towards sustaining not only our organizing efforts, but those within the larger movement for justice and equality.

Sankofa.org hopes to be able to count on your support, and looks forward to continuing on the long journey ahead together.

In Solidarity,