We're Prepared For This

"Since the election, we at Sankofa.org have had the opportunity to hear and share reflections with key partners and allies about how to stay the course and continue pushing for a progressive human rights agenda amidst the journey ahead. Many have asked, "Where do we go from here?", a question for which there are no easy answers. However, Sankofa.org's commitment to helping elevate critical issues, and creating safe spaces for healing, community and solutions building remains undeterred.

While the road before us seems paved with great uncertainty, we must stand strong and ready to meet the challenges that we face head on, as we continue to build towards a better and more inclusive society for all people. All that we at Sankofa.org have been building over the past four years, and all that you have been building for even longer than that, has prepared us for this very moment.

It is clear now more than ever before that neither retreat nor defeat is an option. Instead we will dig our heels even deeper into supporting the grassroots organizing and movement-building work being led by activists and organizations on the ground like you. In so doing, we will continue to work with our many artist and activist partners and allies to vocally champion the causes that rassroots groups and organizer on the front lines of freedom and justice are driving , and we will continue to ensure that leadership at every level is held accountable to the people's will. Over the next few weeks and months, we plan to coordinate and support opportunities to join together in strategy and community, and we hope that you will join us when the time comes.

As many of us prepare to join family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday, we also ask that you keep all of our native friends and allies at Standing Rock, whose land and bodies remain under vicious state-sanctioned assault at this very moment, in your foremost thoughts and prayers.

o them, and t all of you that are pushing to save the soul of our nation, we are with you, we hear you, and we love you."