Encourages Everyone To Use Their Voice & Vote

This Election Day, urges our allies, partners, and all of those who care about justice, peace and equality to vigilantly protect and enforce their right to vote. It is not just the Presidency, but also the future and soul of the entire country that stands to lose most if we do not exercise the collective power of the ballot.

In addition, we must also remember that there are numerous important local elections at stake -- elections that affect voters even more directly around issues like criminal justice reform, education, civil rights, economic justice and many others. If we are to truly move the needle and advance human rights here in America, it's crucial that we show up at the polls in droves and let our votes be our voices.

Whatever the ultimate outcome, remains committed to elevating the issues impacting all disenfranchised people and communities, and to supporting the movement leaders and organizers on the ground mobilizing on the front lines every day for change."